This couple of hen and rooster are for sale.In pakistan this breed is called as "Amroha" while in india it is called "Ram-Puri'.This breed has no long height.If u are interested to buy this couple you can call on this mobile no.           0313 4640017.  
Its price is 10,000
Here are some videos on  the introduction of amroha aseel
Here  I have some more pics that the sellers want to sale and want to comment.
Its price is Rs.2.500 thousand.
Pure black aseel punjab rooster for sale. This is a fighting rooster.The black colour in cocks is called as an emperor colour. If anybody interested to buy this cock,
He  can call to this contact=03368152008
I like this rooster very much.
The following picture has a beautiful cock.This rooster has a beautiful colour. It has beautiful white legs.
Its from Haripur
Here is a pair of cock  and hen for sale.  Pure aseel couple in beautiful black colour.
you can contact to this noumber for buying this couple
Phone: 03219498928
Here is a picture for an aseel cock. It is a fighter cock and during a fight he has lost his one eye, that's why its price is Rs 5,000. you can contact to this noumber for purchasing this rooster

About Cocks IN Urdu

Cocks aam tor per Pakistan ke tribal areas mein shok se  rakhe jate hain. Ye qudrat ki aik haseen  makhlooq hain. Pakistan mein aam tor per Sindh, Balochistan aur Khaibar Pakhtoon Kha ke log cocks ko bare shok se rakhte hain. Unhein logon se poochne per maloom hua k aik ache aur khoobsoorat cock ki kiya pechan hai. In mein se kuchh main aap se share karta hoon.
Is picture mein aik hen ka chehra hai. Is mein yeh dikhaya gya hai ke aik khoobsoorat cock ki lambi chonch or lamba chehra hona chahie or is ki aankh ka rang sufaid(white) ya halka zard hona k sir ke ooper jo putli hai(jise punjabi mein taaj kaha jata hai) woh chahe choti ho ya darmiyani, us ke chehre ke hisaab se khoobsoorat lagni chahie, lekin ziada bari na ho kion ke phir woh cock ke chehre ko badsoorat kar deta hai.
Is picture mein aik bohot hi khoobsoorat cock hai. jaisa ke main ne kaha hai ke sufaid ya halki zard rang ki aankh honi chahie or lambi or mazboot chonch honi chahie.Is ke ilawa cock ki jismani lambai bhi honi chahie. Is picture mein jo cock hai us ka rang java(cream) hai.
Is picture mein aik bohot hi lambi jisamat wala cock hai. Is ka rang laal(red) hai.Bohot hi khoobsoorat chehra or chonch. Mazboot  or taqat war taangen.

Is picture mein cock ki white legs hain. Jo is ki khoobsoorti mein mazeed izafa karti hain.
Is ke ilawa cocks ki khoobsoorti un ke khare hone ke style se bhi zahir hoti hai. Is picture mein khara hua sava(cream) colour ka cock bilkul seedha khara bohot hi khoobsoorat lag raha hai.

Is picture mein khari hui hen bilkul aese lag rahi hai jaise koi saanp(black snake) khara ho, is liye is nasal ko nagini nasal kaha jata hai


Cocks are a great creation of god. They shows the colours of nature in themselves.
In Pakistan, India, Thailand, Iran. Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Russia cocks are grown up keenly. Most of the people grow the fighting breed of cocks called "Aseel" in Pakistan and India.

This post contains tips on how to recongnize a good fighter or breeder cock for fighting or hens for growing up their breed. What should we see in cocks  first or to know the best parts of cocks by  how to see cocks in good manners.Often people breed only that the cocks which fight best, because they want to get best fighting cocks.
Most of the people grow up cocks for their living. Another way of earning their living by cocks is that when cock fights they invest their money in cocks. The two parties fight their cocks and there are much investers who flow their money for winning or loosing cocks. Here are some tips.
1.First of all you should see the cock,s face it should be long from head to beak  and full blooded(as you can see in the picture below)
2.It should have light yellow or white eyes
3.It should have a fat neck "you should observe it with your hands". People check the neck for fighting cocks, if it has a fat neck he can bear the slaps of other cock. 
4.It should have a long tail and long body from head to tail.
5.The most important thing is to check its vacume between its tail and body. It should not have vacume.(In the picture below you can see how to check or observe)
6.White leg and beak make a cock(rooster) more beautiful, while many people like black nails of leg and feet.
7. Open its beak and there will be a hole on the upper side inside the mouth, make sure that it should be so nerrow that it should be closed.
8.Its chest should be in width and there should be some white wings in its flutters of both side.(In the picture below you can see )
9.It should stand straight  and should not have combs beneath its mouth
10.Whatever colour it has, but the black colour is called as the king of all colours in cock, that's why the black colour is much better for the cock.
That are some of the tips. I will try to find out more tips for best and beautiful cocks. Enjoy finding beautiful cocks for yourself.
 Most of the popular breeds of Cocks are Amroha, Jageer, Mianwali,Reza, Beghami and Punjab etc.
It has almost all beautiful colours like black, java, laal(red), bagga or heera (white) etc.
Here is a video for  the people on the introduction of cocks. It is for that you must know that what are necessary things for an aseel beautiful cock.
Here is a video for the worlds best Kurdish cocks.So beautiful cocks of different colours. They often have long tails, a great length, beautiful powerful white eyes and legs.