This couple of hen and rooster are for sale.In pakistan this breed is called as "Amroha" while in india it is called "Ram-Puri'.This breed has no long height.If u are interested to buy this couple you can call on this mobile no.           0313 4640017.  
Its price is 10,000
Here are some videos on  the introduction of amroha aseel
Here  I have some more pics that the sellers want to sale and want to comment.
Its price is Rs.2.500 thousand.
Pure black aseel punjab rooster for sale. This is a fighting rooster.The black colour in cocks is called as an emperor colour. If anybody interested to buy this cock,
He  can call to this contact=03368152008
I like this rooster very much.
The following picture has a beautiful cock.This rooster has a beautiful colour. It has beautiful white legs.
Its from Haripur
Here is a pair of cock  and hen for sale.  Pure aseel couple in beautiful black colour.
you can contact to this noumber for buying this couple
Phone: 03219498928
Here is a picture for an aseel cock. It is a fighter cock and during a fight he has lost his one eye, that's why its price is Rs 5,000. you can contact to this noumber for purchasing this rooster


  1. These cocks are so beautiful particularly the black. I like it very much. Its long tail and beautiful body is so much beautiful.

    vietnam themselves as very happy to communicate with everyone,her face is nick

  3. I am from mizoram,north east india
    Do you still have rampuri aseel couple to buy?im looking for
    Pliz contact me if u stil have
    My contact no:09862389333